An Investment in

Values and the Future.

InvestInvent, windenergy, investinvent wind energy fund
InvestInvent, windenergy, investinvent wind energy fund

The wind is our most reliable business partner

There is always a wind blowing and it by no means cares about stock markets, market fluctuations or short-lived trends. It is always there. There can be stronger or weaker winds but there is always, without fail, a wind that’s blowing. Which is why we produce electricity for the investors' returns.



That credo has proven to be true since 2002, as the performance has been positive since the founding of the company. That is one of the many advantages that InvestInvent investors can count on.



For Institutional Investors

We offer institutional investors, such as pension funds, energy suppliers and high net worth individuals, the opportunity to invest in wind energy. As the InvestInvent AG, we offer said target groups our expertise by acting both as a portfolio manager as well as an asset manager in accordance with the CISA and regulated by the FINMA.

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In Europe, the fund already owns and maintains around 30 wind farms at a total value of over EUR 400 million. That is how we are able to provide clean electricity to approximately 600,000 people within Europe. That in itself corresponds to a CO2 reduction of over 355,000 tons per year.
In other words, our environmental relief corresponds to the amount of CO2 that would be emitted if 105,000 medium-sized vehicles were to drive around the world 50,000 times.

Our Achievements in Terms of Numbers

Wind Energy as a Capital Investment with a Future

Ecologically sustainable wind energy is in vogue. In the EU, this natural energy source already makes up around one fifth of the energy mix.
In Germany alone, around EUR 7 billion were newly invested in wind power in 2017. Other drivers of growth are the striving to reduce CO2 emissions, the desire for a sustainable energy mix and the finite nature of fossil resources.