Investing with the  Leading Partner in Europe.


We enable institutional and professional investors to invest in a sustainable and efficient method of generating electricity.


As pioneer in the securitisation of wind and solar energy, the InvestInvent AG is a successful operator of numerous wind and solar farms within Europe. Our expertise covers everything from location analysis, financing, sales and purchases as well as the management of the wind and solar farms.


Since 2005, we have been continuously expanding our portfolio and, as an asset manager supervised by FINMA, we offer you the opportunity to invest in our specialise investment funds (SIF)

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board

Walter Brunner

Member of the Board of Directors

Andreas Muschik

Member of the Board of Directors

Florian Kübler

Member of the Board of Directors

Claudio Haag

Executive Board


Andreas Muschik
Christian Hürzeler

Member of the Executive Committee

Roman Bader

Member of the Executive Committee


Salvador H. Müller

Client Relations

Remo Ulrich-Dreyer

Head Office Manager Accounting / Client Relations

Thomas Keller

Senior Legal Counsel Acquisition & Asset Management

Daniela Mlinac

Assistant Acquisition & Asset Management

Matthias Worni

Asset Manager

Anisha Santschi

Operations Management
Risk & Compliance

Authorised Signatory

Linh-Thu Le

Asset Analyst

Nina Küchlin

Senior Acquisition & Asset Manager

Natalia Roggo-Ivanova

Asset Analyst