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Zu unseren Kernkompetenzbereichen gehören professionelle Beratung, Finanzdienstleistungsmärkte, Technologie und Auslagerung.

We enable institutional and professional investors to invest in a sustainable and efficient method of generating electricity.


The Sustainable Investment -
By a Swiss Financial Company

Solar Farm -
Campanario I in Spain

Anniversary –
20 Years

Today - thanks to our professional investors - we contribute to supply over 600,000 people with CO2-free electricity from around 30 wind and solar farms in Europe. ESG-compliant investments in renewable energies have long since gone from being a niche product to a standard element in the portfolio. A toast to this and to our business partners!

Hello Sunshine! InvestInvent AG expands its sustainable portfolio with solar energy with the purchase of the 92 hectares solar farm Campanario I in Spain.


Sun and wind have a lot in common. Just as wind always blows, the sun also shines, no matter what happens on the financial markets. The fact that sunshine delivers maximum returns especially in summer, i.e. in months with less wind, has a positive effect on cash flow. Professional investors such as pension funds, foundations as well as high-net-worth individuals can thus benefit from further technological and geographical diversification of the ESG-compliant portfolio.  

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The extraordinary InvestInvent AG story began 20 years ago. Because when we started securitising wind power in 2002, we were pioneers, but above all exotic in the Swiss financial market.

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